• Setting up the development environment
  • You can skip step Setting up the development environment if you already have done setup on your computer before

Video: Fresh Setup on macOS

Video: Fresh Setup on Windows

  • Ex: React Native CLI Quick start -> macOS -> iOS for my computer.
  • I'm using node v13.12.0

Note: We do not support the issues related this step you can check the official docs or search on Google to get solutions regarding any issues face related to this step and ensure that you can run a simple React Native first before you run and start working on the app source code.

Official Docs: https://reactnative.dev/docs/environment-setup

Configure API

Unzip file rn_oreo.zip located inside the app folder.

API Endpoint and Customer Secret & Key

Open file api.js in rn_oreo/src/config and change it with your domain name, customer key and customer secret you generated from Woocommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> REST API we did that step here.

Configure API endpoint, customer key and customer secret.

Chose your vendor plugin

Open file development.js in rn_oreo/src/config and set your vendor plugin we support (WCFM or Dokan).

Setting Vendor

Install libraries

Start a command with cd give it one space and drag in your rn_oreo folder into it and hit enter and then run the below command to install nodejs dependencies:

yarn install

I prefer using Yarn to manage dependency https://yarnpkg.com/lang/en/

Video: Run the app