In this section we will share common problems and solutions to them. These are examples for using our App, but you should still find them useful if you use something else.

Can't add or see the images in Android Studio

Open Android Studio => Import project (Gradle, Eclipse ADT, etc.) => select folder android inside project root folder

Error: Unable to resolve module " rn_oreo/src/utils/navigation from src/App.js"

We think this error occurs when the first time you run the app in other location and the new location is not set by the app because the old location or prevous installed versions were cached by Oreo and the new location was not set because of that. To fix this issue please follow the below steps:

Lets clean the app cache and make it work perfectly

Step1: Open terminal and start your command by cd and give it a space, not drag in your rn_oreo folder into it and hit enter on your keyboard

Step2: You should now be in rn_oreo folder, now run this command yarn start --reset-cache

Step3: Now run your app again

run iOS: npx react-native run-ios run Android: npx react-native run-android